What we do for developers....


  We provide advice, options, and an optimum solution to the Strata Titling requirements of your project.

  We organize the statutory Sinking Fund Report and Insurance Replacement Valuation and then prepare Lot Entitlement Schedules, By-Laws, Body Corporate budgets and Levies for inclusion in Sale Contracts and the Community Management Statement for the Scheme.

  And all this is delivered to you and your solicitor preparing the Sale Contract documentation within a timeframe to accommodate your project schedule.



How we do it....

  We initially meet with you and get an overview of the project, and your wishes and requirements.

  We get contact details for your Architect, Surveyor, Solicitor, and other significant consultants.

  We obtain copies of available drawings - architectural and draft Lot survey drawings if prepared.

  We produce the Body Corporate documentation necessary for the Sale Contracts.

  When the project is built and the Community Title registers, we swiftly integrate the Body Corporate into our management system and draw up the documents for the first EGM so that the first contract settlements can take place.


What we charge....

  Our fees are negotiable and may be waived in the event that Select Strata Management is retained on a three year administration contract.


What we promise....

  We'll provide accurate advice, best options, and we won't be the cause of any delays.